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Credit Intelligence

For our corporate bond investors and borrowers, we offer a host of credit intelligence services.


We offer broad perspectives on the impact of firm level attributes (e.g., advertising, R&D, etc.), regulatory environment (e.g, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Basel III, etc.), monetary policy (e.g, FOMC and ECB announcements) on the overall bond market and specific sectors.   

We offer unique perspectives on the impact of corporate actions (M&A, Spinoffs, Board Restructuring, CEO Compensation) on the firm's corporate bond spread. We additionally offer exclusive perspective on bond ownership structure and bond owners' profiles. We can also provide a private-eye perspective about the bond ownership structure of the peers and industry. 

For our municipal bond investors and borrowers, we offer similar credit intelligence services. 

We offer broad perspective about the overall and state-level macroeconomic conditions and municipal bond spreads.

We also offer exclusive perspectives about bond ownership structure and profiles. We can additionally offer the private-eye perspective on peers (within same local and other states).

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